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Epson Stylus Color 900

The turbo machine for the office Better, faster and more economical printing. The new Epson Stylus Color 900/N is not just faster, it achieves the current highest possible speed in its class for both colour and b/w printing and, on top of that, produces excellent print quality even on plain paper at a very reasonable price per page! The Epson Stylus Color 900 is available either as a separate printer or in its Epson Stylus Color 900N version with built-in 10BASE-T/100BASE-Tx Ethernet interface. Thus, if later on you decide that you you want to, using the Epson type-B interface concept, you can connect it up at any time as a retro-fit to the network - whether it be Ethernet, Token Ring, Localtalk etc.


  • Efficient: quick as lightening in b/w and colour
  • Excellent: up to 1440 dpi on plain paper
  • Impressive: with Ultra Micro Dots and variable droplet size for finest details
  • Economical: due to extra large ink cartridges for b/w and colour
  • Sturdy: developed for use in everyday office life
  • Open: for Windows and Macintosh environments and with built-in USB interface
  • Works well in a team: can be connected to a network via an optional interface

Tekniske specifikationer

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SKU: C265035DA
  • Generelt

    475‎ x 313 x 191 mm (Bredde x Dybde x Højde)
    8,4 kg

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