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Epson EU-T400 Series

Fast and flexible

The EU-T400 series thermal printer is fast, highly flexible and compact. It prints at 150mm a second, including complex graphics and bar codes. Paper width, diameter and thickness can all be adjusted by terminal manufacturers.


Designed to fit into terminals of all sizes, compact dimensions and a small footprint make the EU-T400 series perfect for smaller terminals.

The paper roll for the EU-T400 series is loaded inside the unit. Unlike conventional printer units, the dimensions with and without full size paper (roll of 203 mm) are almost the same.

Easy maintenance

The unit offers easy paper-loading, with access from the front, while the long length paper roll and remote status monitoring software reduces maintenance. Ideal for smaller kiosk applications such as lotteries and information terminals. Downtime is reduced with paper loading, maintenance and sensor adjustments all carried out at the front. It's simple to replace the paper roll with the EU-T400 series. A semiautomatic loading function saves recovery time and increases the speed of maintenance.

Epson EU-T400 Series Datablad
Epson EU-T400 Series Datablad

Tekniske specifikationer

Produktfunktioner og specifikationer kan ændres uden forudgående varsel.

  • Interfacer

    RS-232, Tovejs parallel
  • Generelt

    4,4 kg


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