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Epson M-T520II Series

Thermal Mini Printers

Epson M-T520II Series

Thermal Mini Printers

The sophisticated family of thermal printer mechanism

Epson M-T520II Series

Super fast printing
M-T500II series can print both text and graphics at the speed up to 250 mm/s {9.84 inches/s}. M-T500II Series improve the speed by 67% compared with that of M-T500 Series.

High reliability inherited from M-T500 Series
M-T500II series inherit M-T500 Series’ high reliability; the life of 15 million lines and 37 million lines for MCBF.

Same size as M-T500 Series
M-T500II series have the same external dimensions as M-T500 Series, so it is easy to replace the mechanism. (The pin assignment of FFCs and the control method of M-T500II Series differ from those of M-T500 series. So when replacing the mechanism, it is also necessary to replace the control board.)

Less paper jam with paper jam sensor
In addition to its improved structure to avoid paper jam, the newly added paper jam sensor; if used with BA-T500II series, prevents paper from winding around the paper feed rollers before it occurs.